Brownsburg Parks decided it was time to redesign, redevelop and implement a new and improved website that was responsive, modern, user-friendly and optimized for mobile devices. Brownsburg also needed a site they could easily maintain and update themselves, as opposed to relying on a 3rd party or someone with coding experience for new content. Our role was focusing on quickly delivering functionality to achieve business value, so we used the Agile Scrum framework to manage our processes to deliver a polished fresh new look that was easily modifiable by Brownsburg internally.

User Experience and Efficiency

By implementing a site that can be managed and updated by Brownsburg Parks' internal staff, the organization can quickly and efficiently add new content, make changes, and communicate important information to the community. To achieve this goal, Brownsburg Parks turned to Agile Scrum framework, a flexible and iterative approach to project management. With this framework, the website development team could work collaboratively with Brownsburg Parks to deliver functionality quickly and effectively, ensuring the website met the organization's business objectives and user needs.

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