Beautiful 3D renders make inventory pop. Grinds Coffee Pouches is a caffeine alternative created to help smokers and snus users quit nicotine. As frequent buyers of Grinds ourselves, we were thrilled to get the opportunity to upgrade their product imagery. The mission was to create 3D renders and avoid using photography to create a consistent look across all their inventory. Our team worked side by side with Grinds to perfect each 3D render to create artistic and realistic imagery. Companies may use 3D renderings to emphasize important features of a design, show off material quality, and communicate the product’s or design’s quality to buyers. This lets customers see what they’re paying for and make an informed selection based on facts.


When it comes to grabbing 100% of potential clients’ attention, 2D media has its limitations. Even if sound and animation are included, the audience will not be totally immersed. And this is what marketing with 3D rendering can do. Perhaps this is one of the key reasons for its rapid expansion. Let’s look at it from the perspective of a potential buyer. What would you buy if you had to pay a lot of money for anything and had to make your selection purely on the basis of drawings and sketches? Imagine being able to watch that item revolve in front of your eyes, or seeing all of its pieces. In product marketing, immersion is equally crucial.