Louisville Exchanger and Vessel, Inc. is a specialty metal fabrication shop centrally located in the Midwest. They approached us with a goal to redesign their website look and feel to educate their clientele with the services they provide through imagery and a detailed list of projects they have completed. We focused on converting more visitors into leads, optimizing their website for mobile viewing, and streamlining the viewer’s experience ultimately leading them to contact Louisville Exchanger and Vessel.

Lev-Inc mobile preview

Creating a Checklist

When we start a website redesign project we first sit down and see what’s being communicated effectively and presented well to the viewer. An overview provides us with a grand perspective of all of the assets we have to work with for a redesign and what needs to be included or removed. Once we discover where there’s holes in functionality or user experience, we look at the textual content to see if the messaging is serving potential customers effectively. Many organizations make the mistake of self-serving themselves, but we make certain that the content is tailored to how it may better serve the customer.

Understanding a user journey

With an awareness of the present websites performance and a set of well-defined goals, we were ready to develop a strategy for reaching Louisville Exchanger and Vessel’s objective of educating leads about their service and creating proper calls to action that lead to sales. As we create a wireframe of a users journey through the site, we begin to discover what sections are irrelevant or confusing to navigate. Creating a user flow chart helps the client and ourselves start thinking about how people interact with their website.

Finalizing a look and feel

When we started working on this redesign we quickly discovered Louisville Exchanger and Vessel hadn’t yet established proper branding within their company. Initially this proved to be a set back, a brand style guide ensures what you want your brand to say and what you actually communicate are on the same page. We created a simple branding deck that ensured their image was consistent through imagery and messaging. When all planning and content curation was accomplished we enhanced Louisville Exchanger and Vessel’s image online by creating a unique and simple user experience to turn viewers into potential clients and legitimizing their status in the metal fabrication industry.