Louisville Exchanger and Vessel, Inc. is a metal fabrication shop specializing in custom products. They are located in the Midwest and contacted us with the aim of revamping their website to better showcase their services through vivid imagery and a comprehensive list of completed projects. Our main objectives were to enhance their online presence, increase lead generation, improve mobile compatibility, and ensure a seamless user experience that would prompt visitors to reach out to Louisville Exchanger and Vessel for their metal fabrication needs.

Developing a Comprehensive Sitewide Checklist

When we embark on a website redesign project, our first step is to evaluate the existing content and presentation to determine what's working well and what needs improvement. By taking an overview approach, we gain a holistic perspective of all the assets available for the redesign and identify areas that require attention, such as functionality or user experience. We also examine the textual content to ensure that the messaging effectively serves potential customers, rather than solely benefiting the organization. We prioritize tailoring the content to better serve the needs of the customer.

The Finishing Touches

When we began the redesign project, we noticed that Louisville Exchanger and Vessel lacked a clear brand identity. This initially presented a challenge, as a solid brand style guide is crucial in aligning the brand's desired message with its actual communication. To address this, we developed a simple branding deck that ensured consistency in both imagery and messaging. With the planning and content curation completed, we were able to create a unique and user-friendly online experience that effectively showcased Louisville Exchanger and Vessel's expertise in the metal fabrication industry, ultimately attracting potential clients and elevating their standing in the field.