Our project involved developing and designing a dynamic, interactive website to host a blockchain-based NFT gaming, trading, and collecting platform. The website serves as a platform for players to trade their NFTs with other buyers and even create new ones. With its user-friendly interface, MetaBeasts caters to both novice and experienced users in the NFT space. Our primary goal was to create a functional, interactive, and informative website that allows users to navigate seamlessly through various sections. Additionally, the site's content is curated to remain dynamic and engaging, catering to frequent visitors.

Developing the design style

When tasked with designing for MetaBeasts, our objective was to create a visually stunning and distinct NFT project that would set it apart from the competition. To achieve this, we focused on a few key design goals, including a minimalistic aesthetic, effortless navigation, and full responsiveness. Through our exploration of the project's unique token artwork, we discovered its vibrant and colorful nature provided an ideal opportunity to implement a soft dark interface that beautifully contrasts with the artwork, elevating its appeal and allure to users.

Understanding THE user EXPERIENCE

To ensure optimal engagement and user experience, we recognized the importance of revisiting the fundamentals of website development for Web3 platforms. Our development process focused on comprehending the user's journey through buying and forging new NFT tokens, allowing us to enhance their interaction with our website. By incorporating interactive micro animations, informative prompts, as well as audio and visual cues, we facilitated a seamless and immersive experience for our users. This strategic approach ensured the clarity, ease, and enjoyment of navigating the platform, ultimately driving increased user engagement and satisfaction.