For this project, we were tasked to develop and design a dynamic interactive website to host an NFT blockchain gaming trading and collecting game. The site was developed to provide a space for the players of the game to trade their NFTs with other buyers and forge new ones. MetaBeasts has a dynamic interface that is user-friendly for both the novice and experienced user in the NFT space. The main goal of this project was to create a functional, interactive, and informative site that allows users to navigate through different sections quickly and easily. The content on this site is also crafted to be dynamic in order to keep it interesting for users who visit it frequently.

Developing a style

When designing for MetaBeasts, we had to design a look and feel that would really distinguish it from other NFT projects. We wanted to create something that would make it stand out from the crowd. A few of the design goals included creating a more minimalistic look, making it easy to navigate, and making sure that the website was responsive. We discovered that the token artwork was unique and colorful enough to where we could design a soft dark interface to contrast with the artwork itself.

Understanding a user journey

To create a user experience that was not only clear and easy, but engaging and fun, we had to go back to the basics. Although Web3 development is still a newer platform, the process remains the same. We had to understand the user's journey through buying and forging new tokens, which meant understanding how they interacted with our website before they purchased their first token. We then used this information to make it easier for them to interact with our website in the future. Creating interactive micro animations, helpful information prompts, along with audio and visual queues helped in directing an immersive and cohesive experience.