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Have an idea for a new mobile app?
BlindRobot builds mobile apps. We can help you through the entire process. From story mapping & wireframing to design, development and launch. Also, we are happy to help with one specific step. Of course, BlindRobot offers white label service.

Trying to improve the efficiency of a routine business process?
A mobile application can be a great solution. BlindRobot has many years of experience with mobile apps. We have worked with many clients on process improvement applications. For example, temperature monitoring and alerts. Also, technical diagrams and payment processing for service technicians in the field. In summary, we love developing mobile apps that streamline processes for our clients.

Considering a mobile application for your brand?
A mobile application can create a more personal connection between your company and your customers. You can build brand loyalty by offering exclusive content. In-App Only promotions also help. Also, build brand loyalty by providing your customers an all-encompassing virtual location for your company. For example, your mobile app can offer chat or a message board. Also of significance, your mobile application can push notifications to the lock screen on the phones of your customers. Directly engage customers to remind them about deals or upcoming events.

Have an existing mobile app that needs updates?
BlindRobot can update your mobile apps. We can handle any large project. Also, we are happy to help with small updates. Rather frequently, the app stores update their terms of service. This can create a policy issue that makes your app unavailable for download.

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BlindRobot builds mobile applications. We love helping clients by creating positive outcomes.

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