Natare's website was an example of a traditional website that was not properly optimized for mobile devices. The site was difficult to navigate and the information on the site was outdated and not in-line with the new trends in the industry. We wanted to create a more friendly, informative website that would be easy to navigate on any device. We provided Natare Pool with a modern, fresh digital presence that could be easily updated as needed. We created a new responsive design for Natare's website that is easy to read and navigate on any device. We also updated their content so it was more up-to-date with what people are looking for these days.

creating an informational website

When we considered all the information that needed to be included on Natare's website, we made sure we had a proper amount of content to populate each section. The website is designed to serve as a resource center for Natare's audience. It contains information on how to best use Natare's services offered and also provides helpful downloads. The imagery and text were carefully chosen to entice the visitor and encourage them to explore the website further. The Natare team wanted their website to be an easily navigable resource that would allow their visitors a range of information in an effective manner. The site has been designed with a number of different images and text that are used along with helpful download resources which make for a more engaging user experience.


Natare is a pool company that has been working to improve the quality of life for people who are looking for a better and enjoyable swimming experience. Therefore, the look of their website was an important consideration. When we considered updating Natare’s website, we took a careful approach in how we were presenting each section of content. We wanted to make sure that the website was easy to navigate and clear as to what each topic was covering. We wanted to make sure that the site was not only responsive but also visually appealing. This was important to us because we didn't want to alienate our customers and users with a website that looked outdated.