Local Favorites Delivered to Your Door

Mobile app development for OrderCollie. OrderCollie is an innovative food delivery service that brings your food right to your home. Our goal is to eliminate waiting in long lines and keep you engaged in the action as you wait for your order. We also work to build familiar relationships with restaurants and businesses near to you to increase customer relations and sales. OrderCollie works to shorten delivery periods and keep you engaged in activities while your on-demand order is taken care of.

Mobile Applications: custom app development servicesMobile Applications: custom app development services
Mobile Applications: white label custom mobile appsMobile Applications: white label custom mobile apps

Meet the Future of Delivery Services

At OrderCollie, we provide the FIRST local delivery service that does NOT take a share of your profits. That’s right, you get to keep your money and we ensure your customers’ expectations are met. Unlike the other delivery guys that take a percentage of all transactions, we are not here to intrude on your bottom line.

Built for Businesses First.

Why lose up to 30% of your profits in commission fees? There is ZERO cost to your business with OrderCollie. Our goal is to provide businesses with a profitable platform where consumers only pay a small transaction fee. Your loyal customers enjoy the freedom and convenience of ordering online and skipping the lines while still supporting their favorite local businesses like you.

Sell More, Earn More

Sell more when a customer visits your locations in-person? Don’t miss out on those add-on sales when your customers purchase online. OrderCollie guides your customer through suggestive upselling features so you won’t miss out on those impulse adds or items “frequently bought together” and your customers won’t be disappointed by realizing they needed something more. Finally, everything they want (and more) is included in a single order and a single delivery.

Web Design + Web Development

BlindRobot also designed and developed the OrderCollie App Website: OrderCollie App