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Crystal Core


The Crystal Core brings learning to life in a virtual world. Students complete an entire course work while exploring new lands, rescuing characters, and overcoming larger-than-life obstacles. Using a gaming platform stimulates students to achieve lessons and skills that are integral for success. Lessons are fully adjustable by teachers so their students don’t miss out on crucial topics and theories taught in traditional classrooms.

Explore new lands to progress through lessons.

Virtual Learning Benefits

The first advantage of virtual classroom learning is that timid students will frequently find it easier to engage in virtual classrooms. It means they don’t have the nervousness that comes with raising their hand in front of other pupils in a real classroom. Any youngster with access to a computer and a steady internet connection can participate in virtual classrooms. No matter how limited their mobility is, they may access a virtual classroom and begin studying. Furthermore, course materials for your child’s online course may be accessible at any time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, via the Internet.

Add lessons based off of your preferred curriculum.

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